Political Puppies

Last week, my class went to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the day. To be honest, I was dreading this trip because all my friends were doing fun summer things at school.  After I saw the ‘9/11’ exhibit on the second floor I actually began to enjoy the museum. I then I went to the ‘Ethics’ exhibit, which then led to me reading a teleprompter.  I pretended to be a newscaster at The White House. Believe it or not, reading a teleprompter is a lot harder than it seems.


Picture taken by Emily Lisanti at the Newseum. Photo features (from left) Jill Schreider, Aimee Buck, Katie Perry


For my Future:


Picture taken by Katie Perry at the ‘First Dogs’ exhibit in the Newseum

Part of the reason for going to this museum was to see how it would relate to my future career.  Obviously I would like to end up in Public Relations, so I tried to see which exhibits relate to the field. At first, I immediately thought the ‘Ethics’ exhibit would relate best to my future job, but then I saw the exhibit of the ‘First Dogs’. Since I am obsessed with dogs, this area immediately caught my eye. It does not seem like an exhibit that would relate to a PR professional, but it does. Public Relations professionals do not only deal with news releases and crisis management, but also with image. It is extremely important for Public Relations professionals to make sure the people or company he/she is working for maintains a positive image.

As I was looking through the First Dogs, I started looking at the presidents differently. I saw how cute President Nixon’s dog was (a Cocker Spaniel named Checkers). I immediately had a lot more sympathy for President Nixon after seeing a picture with Checkers. I realized how an animal could change the image of a famous figure, specifically a president. The White House website lists the First Dogs, but the Newseum gives pictures and explanation of the most famous ones.


Picture taken by Katie Perry at the Newseum



Although I may never work for a president, this exhibit helped me realize how simple things, such as animals, can easily change the image of a person and that is extremely important to remember now and at my future job.


I am glad I was able to experience the Newseum especially because I did not think I would enjoy it. It was educational, but also a lot of fun.