Finding my Niche

On Tuesday night I attended the 9th Annual Grunig Gala on campus. I was excited to attend the event to network with PR professionals, but also to dress up. It’s crazy how much I miss dressing up for work. Over the summer, I had to dress in business casual for my internship with Grand Communications in New York.


Picture taken at the Grunig Gala by Katie Perry on Snapchat

The event started with roundtable discussions. Prior to the event, I looked up some of the companies that were going to be there and did a little research. One of my biggest problems about my future is that I do not know which industry of public relations I want to be in. At this event I bounced around to a few different industries. I spoke with representatives from Lockheed Martin, Hilton, Johns Hopkins and Ad Source.


All the representatives gave me great advice about starting out in public relations, but Kathy Smith gave me some of the best advice. She told me we all need to find our niches and the best way to do that is by trying different things between now and graduation. She emphasized that I should be open-minded and welcome new opportunities, even if they aren’t located in a city I may want to end like in. Lastly, she said I should embrace challenge. I shouldn’t turn down an opportunity if I don’t think we are qualified enough; always try it and ask a lot of questions.

Another great part of the gala was the keynote speaker, Katie Paine. She is extremely successful in Public Relations and is known as the Measurement Queen. She started out on the point how social media has played a major role in public relations, but prior to
technology there was still a form of social media.
She then went on to explain how to be success on social media as a company. The biggest take away was that businesses should not sell products on social media, but rather make relationships and entertain followers.
She emphasized that good relationships must be earned and are not guaranteed.


Picture of Katie Paine taken by Katie Perry


I then mingled with some of the professionals, as well as other students. I made some great connections from this event and I have more confidence that I will find my niche and get a job I love.



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